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Buckle In and Get Tweaked
[Product Details...]

A.I.R. 9 Carbon Frame

Introducing the Air 9 Carbon: purpose-built to be incredibly light and fast, combined with the razor sharp handling and forgiving ride youíve come to expect from frames with the Air 9 designation.
[Product Details...]

A.I.R. 9 Frame

A super lightweight tube with a compliant ride characteristic.
[Product Details...]


The 'Advant-Edge' boasts an advanced hybrid hull which provides an exceptional blend of speed, stability, and performance.
[Product Details...]

Aerro 5.9

Aerro 5.9 is the ideal choice for beginning to intermediate skiers seeking all day warmth, and comfort.
[Product Details...]

Aerro 6.9

The ideal choice for intermediate recreational skiers seeking lightweight, high tech styling with comfortable and convenient function.
[Product Details...]

Affinity Air XTE 10

The Atomic Affinity Air, a women's all-mountain ski featuring innovative technology, really comes into its own on-piste.
[Product Details...]

Affinity Pure

The Atomic Affinity Pure is the ideal all-mountain ski for sporty female skiers.
[Product Details...]


[Product Details...]


The new Delsyk Akula is a full fledged Sea Kayak built for sport and travel.
[Product Details...]

Allegrippis Trail System

Hiking and Biking Trails In Cooperation with the Friends of Raystown Lake
[Product Details...]

AMP Charger

With the addition of ROX technology, the Charger steps its firm-snow performance up another notch.
[Product Details...]

AMP Force

The skiís cooperative nature works with the skier to gain comfort on firm snow runs of varied pitch.
[Product Details...]

AMP Photon

With a versatile waist width, the Photon is right at home on and off trails at the resort.
[Product Details...]

AMP Rictor

The Rictor upholds the high-end performance of the Aftershock with a similar titanal construction while reaping the benefits of an optimal 80mm waist.
[Product Details...]


Unique, light backcountry touring ski.
[Product Details...]

Approach 10

Roomy cockpit and length but maintains maneuverability. Excellent for mid-sized to larger paddlers.
[Product Details...]

Approach 9

Smaller adults and kids get great stability and performance from this sized-for-speed kayak.
[Product Details...]


A small, agile solo, the Argosy feels right at home in rivers and streams.
[Product Details...]

Axiom 8.5

Mid-to-large sized paddlers get more volume and deck height, but not overly roomy for the right fit
[Product Details...]

Axion 9

For ambitious and athletic performance oriented freeskiers seeking a versatile fit with high tech functionality.
[Product Details...]


FreeFlex bellows and a Triax-Tour frame provide a sweet, classic feel without sacrificing torsional control on descents.
[Product Details...]

Axis 10.5

Unprecedented versatility. The Axis 10.5 is ideal for the eclectic paddler who appreciates relaxing day trips on the lake, but might also enjoy the challenge of a running river.
[Product Details...]

Axis 12.0

Amazing versatility to transition seamlessly from lakes and ponds to moving water environments
[Product Details...]


The british style Barracuda is a sleek graceful kayak designed for superior speed and high performance.
[Product Details...]

BB Special

Perfect for sophisticated paddlers, the BB offers flat water cruising performance for a reasonable price. The blade consists of seven laminates of basswood, maple, and cherry.
[Product Details...]

BBR 8.9

precise carving on piste.
[Product Details...]

BC 1550

Super Sturdy Backcountry boot designed for long backcountry excursions.
[Product Details...]

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